HVAC System Contracting
Omega for contracting offers a wide range of climate control methods to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration therefore providing thermal comfort.

HVAC systems (Heating,Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) are fundamental functions in Resorts,Mall, Office buildings ,Factories, and other building structures.


Heating systems are crucial in maintaining a suitable room temperature especially in cold weather.
Omega for contracting offers both types of heating methods, local and central.
Whether you are looking for highly efficient furnaces or convenient unit heaters,
Omega for contracting provides flexible solutions for large and small spaces ranging from Heating boiler systems -steam & water- to Direct heating using Four-Pipe systems- chillers & heat exchangers.


Omega for contracting offers Ventilation systems for industrial and commercial use that circulate the air you breathe efficiently,
thus preventing the harmful effects of stagnant air (airborne diseases, virus infections, and allergies).
High humidity levels and stagnant air both promote bacteria and fungi growth.
Some people think that opening a window is enough for ventilating the area, this applies if you want to aerate a room, not an entire building.
Sealed buildings installed with HVAC systems provide better indoor air quality since no contaminants from the outside can penetrate the filters,  
the circulation and air movement process is well calculated and ensured, which in turn improves air quality. Our HVAC systems work in three ways- Exhausting, Fresh Air system, Industrial Ventilation system- to purify and enhance air properties.

Air conditioning:

Global warming has contributed to the warm weather we experience every day.
No matter where you are, the weather is always unstable and moody.
Omega for contracting offers an extensive line of products- whether commercial or central- for you to pick from.
Our systems offer the highest efficiency, thus cutting down your electricity bills in half.
From DX systems (both thermal and electronic), all the way to chilled water systems,
Omega for contracting offers you the best and most efficient solution for your business.

Types of Air Conditioning:

    Central Air Conditioning / Direct Expansion Systems
  • TXV  
    Chilled water Systems    
  • Water Cooled
  • Air Cooled

    Absorption Chiller
  • Twin
  • Gas instead of Electrical which saves electricity