Social Responsability

Omega for contracting is committed to doing business responsibly and taking positive steps towards better societies.

We’re also determined to decrease our impact on-the environment and we do so by reducing the consumption of paper as we run our business, and recycle the paper we have used, to leave behind a safer environment for the upcoming generations.

Omega feels a sense of responsibility towards orphans who have no one to appreciate their existence, accomplishments,no one to look up to or guide through hardships, and that’s why we proudly sponsor an annual orphan’s day event, to remind these little kids that someone out there truly cares for them and to set a positive example for them to follow.

We believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of the younger-generations, and that’s why we are keen on impacting their lives, one child ata time. Lastly, Omega for contracting has a passion for engineering.

We select random students from the faculty of engineering that are top of their class to train at our company as interns during the summer. We teach them how to do business,deal with clients, and supervise, amongst many other skills they can’t just read in a book.

Omega gives these young engineers practical experience that will come to benefit one day, something to encourage them to work in the field of contracting. As we grow bigger as a company, we strive to positively influence the societies we occupy.